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Mateusz Urbanowicz is a Polish watercolor and digital painting artist working alongside his comic creator wife Kana at their studio in Tokyo, Japan. Please, have a look around and also visit the YouTube channel!


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"Tokyo Storefronts POSTCARD BOOK"

A choice of illustrations from the original "Tokyo Storefronts" has been re-published as a postcard book - featuring twenty-four thick card-stock pages that can be easily detached and sent directly as message postcards or used as interior decorations!

『東京店構え マテウシュ・ウルバノヴィチ作品集』より厳選したイラストがポストカードになりました。全24枚収録。1枚ずつ本から切り離して使用することができます。お祝いやご挨拶のメッセージカードとしてはもちろん、インテリアに活用いただくこともおすすめです。

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"Illust-Note Premium"  『イラストノート Premium』

The new edition of the Japanese "Illustration Note Premium" magazine-book coming out in just a few days features my work! Including a long interview, a talk with the author of one of my favorite mangas, a lot of my digital work printed in high quality for the first time, and sections about tools, studio, and my processes too! About 90 pages of new stuff to read and see!

特集:マテウシュ・ウルバノヴィチの手描きの技 (コンテンツ90ページ程)

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"How To Draw Architecture"  『最高の建物と街を描く技術』

Few pages of tips on how to sketch buildings using watercolors, with examples, are featured in this recently re-published Japanese book.

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"Nichi Getsu Ten Stories"  「日月十譚」短編漫画集

Nichi Getsu is a collection of short comic stories by eleven carefully selected artists from various genres based in Japan and many other countries worldwide!

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"Okuradashi - Uncollected Works 2010-2021"

マテウシュ・ウルバノヴィチ お蔵出し 2010-2021

A new book collecting more than one hundred and ten so far unpublished watercolor, poster-color, ink, color ink, and pencil pieces, along with short comments, memories, and thoughts for most of them.

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