Hi! Welcome to the website!

I'm a visual creator from Poland making my own art and freelancing out of my studio in Tokyo, Japan along with my wife Kana. Please, have a look around and also visit my YouTube channel!


Recent items:

“Hokkaido in ink.”

The "Hokkaido in Ink" book is finished! Now only waiting for it to be printed. Read more to check the details and see some sample illustrations!


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"Tokyo Storefronts" in other languages!

I added info and links for the new French/Japanese version of "Tokyo Storefronts". This is a new addition to the Taiwanese and Chinese language releases already on sale!

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“Tokyo at Night” is out!

My second album (after "Tokyo Storefronts") is up for sale on Amazon JP and other locations, containing night images of Tokyo painted in watercolors!


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"Susume, Karolina." short animation

I directed and made the backgrounds for a short animated movie about Karolina Styczyńska - the first female, foreign shōgi (Japanese chess) player who was able to become a professional!
This project was sponsored by the maker of CalorieMate and made in colaboration with the awesome animation studio Colorido!


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