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Mateusz Urbanowicz is a Polish watercolor and digital painting artist working alongside his comic creator wife Kana at their studio in Tokyo, Japan. Please, have a look around and also visit the YouTube channel!


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"How To Draw Architecture"  『最高の建物と街を描く技術』

Few pages of tips on how to sketch buildings using watercolors, with examples, are featured in this recently re-published Japanese book.

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"Nichi Getsu Ten Stories"  「日月十譚」短編漫画集

Nichi Getsu is a collection of short comic stories by eleven carefully selected artists from various genres based in Japan and many other countries worldwide!

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"Okuradashi - Uncollected Works 2010-2021"

マテウシュ・ウルバノヴィチ お蔵出し 2010-2021

A new book collecting more than one hundred and ten so far unpublished watercolor, poster-color, ink, color ink, and pencil pieces, along with short comments, memories, and thoughts for most of them.

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