Hi! Welcome to my website!

I do a lot of different art, but mostly paintings, illustrations, animations, comics, videos, and anything else that's shiny! I'm originally from Poland but now I freelance out of my studio in Tokyo, Japan along with my wife Kana. If you are curious how I make my art have a look at my YouTube channel!

ポーランド出身のフリーランスクリエイター。 絵画、イラスト、アニメーション、コミック、動画など多岐に渡り手がけています。

Mateusz Urbanowicz

I was born (1986) and raised in Silesia, Poland. Studied electronic engineering until I found out that making art can be more than a weird hobby while working with the makers of graphics tablets: WACOM. I finished Computer Graphics at Polish Japanese Institute of Information Technology, and thanks to a Japanese government scholarship, moved to Kobe, Japan to study animation and comics. Graduated with honors from Kobe Design University with a short animated movie called "Right Places".

From 2013 I have been working as a full-time background artist in the Comix Wave Films animation studio in Tokyo. Taking part in making of TV commercials, animated TV series (for example "Space Dandy") and feature-length animated movies (like "Your Name.").

I moved to a freelance artist career to focus on my original projects in 2017 and started working on the "Tokyo Storefronts" watercolor illustration album published in April 2018. I continue to make my own art (comics, illustrations, paintings, animations), online content (YouTube videos etc.) as well as taking part in bigger projects (short animations) and doing commision work from time to time.

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ILLUSTRATION 2019 名建築の空想イラスト図鑑 ジブリの教科書9 耳をすませば (文春ジブリ文庫)

Clients / Cooperation:

  • Animation Studios アニメスタジオ:
    • Comix Wave Films 株式会社コミックス・ウェーブ・フィルム
    • Studio Colorido 株式会社スタジオコロリド
    • Studio Bones 株式会社 ボンズ
  • Publishers 出版社:
    • MdN Corp. 株式会社エムディエヌコーポレーション
    • POPLAR PUBLISHING CO., LTD.株式会社 ポプラ社
    • Kinnohoshi Co,Ltd. 金の星社
    • KODANSHA LTD. 株式会社講談社
    • X-Knowledge co. ltd 株式会社 エクスナレッジ
  • Advertising Companies 広告代理店:
    • HAKUHODO Inc. 株式会社 博報堂
    • DENTSU INC. 株式会社 電通
  • Television 放送局:
    • NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) 日本放送協会
    • Nippon Television Network Corporation 日本テレビ放送網株式会社
  • Other その他:
    • Otsuka Pharmaceutical 大塚製薬株式会社
    • Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd 江崎グリコ株式会社
    • Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. 日本航空株式会社