"Yuragi" is my personal project that I completed in my spare time between commissions and other bigger works (such as the "Tokyo Storefronts" book and "Susume Karolina." animation).
This is an original story, 54 pages, full-color comic drawn with pencils and fully colored with watercolors.
The digitally published edition of the comic includes also a “making-of” section with sketches, concept arts, and some back-story making the whole book almost 80 pages long!

Read the story of Gokita - a novelist with huge ambitions and an equally huge astral problem to think about!

Some example pages featuring the three main characters:

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  • Format: 78 pages digital book.
  • Language: English 英語
  • Hi-res (Retina display) digital release
  • PDF and CBZ formats
  • Published on: 2018.08.04

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