Short Stories Collection 短編集コレクション

Collection of short comics, set in Japan, created by an international group of authors.

Planned for 2022 release, a collection of short comic stories by ten carefully selected artists from various genres based in Japan and many other countries worldwide!

Digital edition デジタルコミック

  • Title: to be announced.
  • Digital, no-DRM, hi-resolution release.
  • Full English translation.
  • Launch in 2022.
  • More than 160 pages of comics!
  • Bonus pages of technical details, sketches, etc.
  • 書籍タイトル:未定
  • 形式:電子書籍 DRMなし 高解像
  • 言語:英語版
  • 発売時期:2022年
  • ページ数:160ページ以上
  • 使用ツールや道具、メイキングスケッチ

Printed edition 書籍版

A Japanese language edition is planed for a 2022 release from the Two Virgins Japanese publishing house.

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Fixed members 参加メンバー

The list of members that will be featured in this comic collection and examples of their past works:
(In alphabetical order. 以下ABC順)

Atelier Sento アトリエ・セントー

A French artist duo creating magnificent works often featuring fantastic motifs such as ghosts or youkai, but firmly set in Japan with realistically portrayed people and customs.

Previous works: Onibi, la Fête des ombres, Dreams of Japan, The Coral Cave, etc.


これまでの作品:鬼火、la Fête des ombresDreams of JapanThe Coral Caveなど

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Heikala ヘイカラ

An artist and illustrator from Oulu, Finland. Uses the traditional mediums of ink and watercolor to tell stories and bridge the divide between mundane and magical.

Previous works: The Art of Heikala: Works and Thoughts.


これまでの作品:Heikalaイラスト作品集 アートワークとクリエーションの秘密 など
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Hiuchi Tana ひうち棚

An autobiographical comic artist active in Japan. Creating works that take a closer look at the subjects of family, past self, and surrounding scenery, inviting the reader to participate in warm and astutely drawn memories.

Previous works: Isoganakute mo yoi koto



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Honoki Jiro 朴ノ木二郎

A Japanese manga artist and illustrator. Creates vast sci-fi and fantasy worlds as stages for stories featuring humane characters. The action scenes are also a thing of wonder.

Previous works: Hi to kemuri to akubi, Strange Relationship, I-ko no koto, etc.


これまでの作品:火と煙とアクビ、Strange Relationship -Prequel-、I子のこと など

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Ken Niimura ケン・ニイムラ

A Spanish-Japanese cartoonist and illustrator with a unique style informed by his international background. I Kill Giants won the Eisner Award and the 5th International Manga Award and was made into an internationally acclaimed movie.

Previous works: I Kill Giants, Umami, Never Open It, etc.


これまでの作品:バーバラと心の巨人、ヘンシン、UmamiNever Open It など

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Linnea Sterte リネア・スターテ

Eisner nominated graphic novel artist creating fascinating science fiction worlds teeming with fantastic life forms and complex ecosystems. Each page is a window onto a vast and alien world.

Previous works: Stages of Rot, etc.


これまでの作品:Stages of Rot など

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Mopuko もぷ子

A prolific Japanese artist creating comics and illustrations. Using soft, hand-drawn expressions depicts scenes filled with nostalgic atmosphere, expressive and familiar characters but sometimes also a bit of the fantastic.

Previous works: Mopuko "Short Stories Omnibus"



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Sukeracko スケラッコ

A manga artist and illustrator living in Kyoto. A prolific author creating worlds where the mundane and extraordinary intersect. Often features delicious foods too! Was featured in the "This manga is amazing!" Japanese best comic selection.

Previous works: Ōkī inu, Heitarō ni kowai mono wa nai, Shōyusashi no Kuishinbon, etc.


これまでの作品:大きい犬、平太郎に怖いものはない、しょうゆさしの食いしん本 など

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Kana Urbanowicz ウルバノヴィチ 香苗

A Japanese artist creating manga, illustrations, and animations. Works often feature honest depictions of lifelike characters and stories focused on the importance of knowledge and learning.

Previous works: Mame de shikaku de yawaraka de, Pon ko-san no kurashi no hatena?, etc.


これまでの作品:まめで四角でやわらかで、ぽんこさんの暮らしのはてな? など

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Mateusz Urbanowicz ウルバノヴィチ・マテウシュ
(also curating this collection)

An artist from Poland, living and working in Japan. Uses a mix of digital and traditional tools to create paintings, illustrations, animations, and more. The works often feature imaginative and nostalgic but, at the same time, realistic scenes.

Previous works: Tokyo Storefronts, Tokyo at Night, YURAGI, etc.


これまでの作品:東京店構え、東京夜行、YURAGI など

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