Animation loop for Procreate (Savage Interactive Pty Ltd.)

I was commissioned by the makers of the popular painting application for Apple devices — Procreate — to create an animated looping scene for them to use to promote the application. As Procreate is my current go-to digital painting app on the iPad, and because they gave me a lot of freedom to create what I wanted, I accepted the commission.

I also wanted to test if a more complicated, animated scene can be created using Procreate since they added the Animation Support option to the application. This commission seemed like a perfect occasion to finally do it.

Each of the animated elements was drawn in a separate file: the character, the steam rising from the cup and the building, the two banners on the left. Then the loops of different lengths were composited onto the background using Apple Motion. The final step was to add effects (like the moving light streaks or the falling autumn leaves) in Motion also.

Tools used:

  • Animation and Background - Procreate
  • Platform: iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
  • Compositing - Apple Motion
  • Final video and sound - Apple Final Cut Pro X

Music used:

  • Epidemic Sound music and sound effects

Copyright (c) by Mateusz Urbanowicz and Savage Interactive Pty Ltd.