Continuing with my previous “Tokyo Storefronts” illustrations series and book, I tried to imagine more uniques shops that I would love to see on the streets of a city like Tokyo.

Based on prompts from my fans on YouTube and my ideas, I created illustrations of storefronts that, if existed, would bring more color, character, and fun into the often dull, modern cityscapes. Though, while designing these fantastic buildings, I was aiming for shops that are essentially realistic and could be brought into existence.


01 “Megane Ikeda” - An opticians salon. making-of video…
02 “Morishita typewriters” - Typewriters and word processors shop and repairs.
03 “Chiakra Tofu” - Makers of the best tofu and nattō in the neighborhood.


04 “Studio Mamiko” - Once a photo studio, currently a shop selling retro photo cameras and specializing in developing photos shot on film.
05 “Morikawa Stamps” - A shop selling order-made Japanese seals (name stamps) for your everyday contract signing needs. Also nameplates, diplomas, etc.
06 “Gasaido” - Including bits of Art Nouveau design and inspired by French storefronts, this shop sells art supplies and stationery.


07 “Florist Kusakabe” - A shop specializing in selling live plants for your home and garden.
08 “Yamanaka Wood” - Woodworking workshop and specialist store selling all kinds of woods for DIY and bigger projects.
09 “Naminori Pan” - meaning Wave-riding Bread - A small bakery located very close to a beach.


10 “Yamamoto Motors” - A car dealership and sharing service allowing for easy use of electric cars and scooters.
11 “Miyabeya” - Traditional Japanese clothes - Kimono and Yukata store.


12 “Toda Cooper” - A shop selling all kinds of buckets, tubs, and other equipment made of wood using traditional techniques.
13 “Nomidokoro Akebonoya” - A Japanese pub - izakaya, serving sake, beer, and quick meat side dishes.
14 “Umeda Hats” - A hat shop built in the late 1970s specializing in cleaning, repairing, and reforming old hats.

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Technical details:

  • Medium: HOLBEIN Waterford white 300g/m hot press cotton paper
  • Lines: IndiGraph EF fountain pen + Kakimori ink
  • Colours: Mijello Mission Gold pure pigments watercolors