I decided to upload 30 shots of Japan that I hand-picked from my vast library of reference photos for my Patreon supporters to use. I carefully chose pictures of various themes and difficulties and edited them with more inspiring color themes.

To show how some of the photos can be used for making art in various media, I tried to create some pieces based on them (and some other shots) myself using quite a variety of techniques.

I also added to this set some other sketches, paintings and drawings of Japan I did testing various media in 2020.

01 Japanese coast — watercolors and pencil.

02 Park in Nara — color pencils.

03 Japanese park — digital, Procreate + iPad Pro.

04 Temple park — pencils.

05 Japanese coast in Chiba — fountain pen (IndiGraph) and watercolors.

06 A shop in Kamakura — fountain pens and comic raster sheet.

07 Japanese park shops — color pencils and fountain pen.

08 House entrance gate and path — Blackwing pencil in MD Paper cotton sketchbook.

09 Items on sale in front of a shop in Kichijoji, Tokyo — color pencils.

10 View on the Yanagibashi (bridge) in Tokyo — Uni PIN fineliner and watercolor pencils.