A planned, small book containing more than thirty ink illustrations of Hokkaido scenery.

Based on a 2019 trip during which we visited Sapporo, Otaru, and Hakodate I'm making a small black-and-white only book of ink illustrations. Tying it to the 2019 Inktober event I'm planning to picture more than thirty Hokkaido vistas based on the many photos we brought back from the trip. All the pictures will be accompanied by English and Japanese texts and the whole thing will be topped with some additional content (explaining about tools, maps of our travel, etc.).

Book details:

Title in English: "Hokkaido in ink." (temporary title)
Language: Japanese 日本語 & English 英語
Dimensions: A5 landscape
Pages: planned 70 pages
the illustration is just a mockup image

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Sample illustrations:
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Book contents mockup:
This is a mockup image of how the main part of the book is planned to look like. There will be some illustrations spanning both the left and right pages as a whole spread too.

Technical details (used tools):

  • Sketch: Col-erase Carmine red pencil
  • Kuretake ink brushpen
  • Pilot ink
  • Paper: Canson C a grain