00. Versions:

The book is originally written in Japanese and English and that is the version that you can buy at all the places linked in this article. There are other language editions that might suit you better:
  • French / Japanese version ("Boutiques de Tokyo")     See more >>
  • Spanish / Japanese version ("Comercios de Tokio")     See more >>
  • Italian / Japanese version ("Botteghe di Tokyo")     See more >>
  • Taiwanese / English ("東京老鋪:Mateusz Urbanowicz 手繪作品集")     See more >>
  • Chinese / English ("东京老铺")     See more >>

00. Digital version

You can buy a digital version of the main Japanese/English edition digitally through Amazon's Kindle store (Japanese Store) or Apple Books store (Japanse Store). The book will look quite good on any bigger PC screen or tablet!

0. If you are in Japan

If you are in Japan you can buy the "Tokyo Storefronts" book in most bigger book stores around the country and online on Amazon JP. Also, you can buy the limited cover version in Kinokuniya stores. If in Tokyo, it's best to go to the main Shinjuku Kinokuniya store.

1. Buy directly from the publisher in Japan

This method allows you to buy the book directly from the publisher MdN, from Japan using Amazon JP. Buying from Japan requires setting up a separate account on the Japanese version of the service.
Order On Amazon JP
If you don't know how to order on Amazon JP from outside of Japan have a look at this TUTORIAL.

2. Buy from retailers selling Japanese goods

Simplest way is to research using your local Amazon or eBay websites to look for retailers and shops re-selling the book. Be aware that buying from resellers can increase the price. Reseller on Amazon.com

You can also buy the book using some websites that specialize in selling Japanese goods (such as CDs, games, books, etc.) to clients all over the world. If you would like to order the book online but don't want to use Amazon JP this can be a good option. The websites mentioned below are only a few that I know of but there are more. Sometimes the book will be "out of stock" but should be restocked regularly.
Order On Tokyo Otaku Mode Order On CD Japan Order On Otaku.com

3. Buy from Kinokuniya

You can buy the book in most of bigger book stores in Japan including Kinokuniya stores. Because this major book store chain has physical shops and online stores also outside of Japan you can buy the book in most of them directly. The book is restocked regularly and it should be possible to buy the Kinokuniya limited cover version too. Below is the list of Kinokuniya stores that should have the book, but before going out please contact the store staff to confirm:

  • New York main Store
  • New Jersey Store
  • Chicago Store
  • Texas Carrollton Store
  • Texas Plano Store
  • Texas Austin Store
  • Seattle Store
  • Beaverton Store
  • San Francisco Store
  • San Jose Store
  • Los Angeles Store
  • Santa Monica Store

  • Australia
  • Sydney Store

  • Taiwan
  • Taipei Breeze Store
  • Hanshin Arena Store
  • Taipei Tienmu Store
  • Taichung Chung Kan Store

  • Singapore
  • (Main Store)
  • Liang Court Store
  • Bugis Junction Store
  • Jurong store

  • Malaysia
  • Kuala Lumpur Store

  • Thailand
  • Bangkok Store
  • EmQuartier Store

  • Dubai
  • Dubai store

If you know about other, easy ways to buy the book, please let me know!