I was asked by the UKIYO-E Project to produce an illustration that would be later used as a base for a series of Japanese, traditional “ukiyo-e” woodblock prints.

The original design:

Tools: For the design of this illustration, I used the Procreate app on iPad PRO.

I drew a landscape ukiyo-e depicting Tsukuda, a neighborhood next to Tsukishima station in the east of Tokyo. In it, I tried to capture the striking contrast between the modern architecture and historical elements that co-exist in harmony in Tsukuda today in the design.

The title Tsukuda ni Nokoru Edo no Omokage translates to “the vestiges of Edo in Tsukuda” - the word omokage (vestige) refers to the river, an aspect of old Edo that has continued to exist to this day.


Design: URBANOWICZ Mateusz
Woodcarver: SEKIOKA Senrei III
Printer: ITO Tatsuya
Year: 2020, by UKIYO-E PROJECT
Edition: 100 per season and outline
Size: Chuban (185mm x 242mm)
Paper: Echizen Kizuki Housho

See the official WEBSITE for more information and to purchase the prints.

Contour only versions:

Using the same set of woodblock carvings and changing the colors, a set of four-season variations of the print was made:

Four seasons version:

01 Autumn
02 Spring
03 Winter
04 Summer

This is how the woodblock layers (used for printing) look like:

Making-of video:

All the images and brands copyright by UKIYO-E PROJECT and Mateusz Urbanowicz