The original story for “Right Places” was made as an animation storytelling challenge in the summer of 2011, thus animatic, script and storyboards for the long version where made. However, being a one-man-team, I decided that I will realize only a part of the story in form of a short trailer aiming for the highest quality of backgrounds and animation I could muster at that time. Learning a lot along the way I finished the first 40 seconds short trailer in march 2012.
After good response from Japanese animation industry I began working on the full length version which I finished in the December of 2012.
Length: 5 minutes.
Format: 720p HD ready
voice acting: 小倉 紀子 (Ogura Noriko)
voice recording: 坂尾 千春 (Sakao Chiharu)
music: Doelman
advisor: 大塚 英志 (Otsuka Eiji)
thanks to: 橋本 英治  新海 誠  坪井 美和  中島 千晴 (Hashimoto Eiji, Shinkai Makoto, Tsuboi Miwa, Nakashima Chiharu)  Piotr Smorawski
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