Dzik (read Jik) in Polish means "boar". So it could be put in the word "magic" to make a magical boar character (hard to understand I know).
I want to explore this magical boar character more in my free time so probably I will be making more designs and illustrations, not necessarily in a consistent style.
For this one I tried to use my watercolour Moleskine sketchbook to do the illustration on a spread. Overall it was not bad, but of course I'm a little bit disappointed after using a professional 300g/m paper for my recent work. After scanning it I did some intensive photoshop editing to make the illustration look a little bit like works of Moebius - I was inspired by his colour illustrations.
This one is done with a school pen (a nib pen manga artists use) and waterproof Holbein ink and then coloured with my trusty watercolours on a heavy 300g watercolour paper.
今回のイラストは「タチカワ T−600」の付けペンと「HOLBEIN」の防水インクで線画を描いて、いつもの水彩セットで着色しました。
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