Thank you all for following the "Cold in Yokohama" illustrations series! I decided to collect all the illustrations in one project. Also I wanted to share the final, almost 20 minutes tutorial movie in which I explain exactly how I planned and painted the series.
I explain about: location hunting, materials used, sketching and planning, drawing the lines, testing the colours digitally, and painting with watercolours!
This series was somewhat inspired by the Studio Ghibli movie "From Up on Poppy Hill" - I went few times to Yokohama and looked for the remnants of the old port city I saw in the movie. There are some places, shops and streets that still have this unique atmosphere but a lot of the old Yokohama is gone. There is no trace left of the iconic street-car, wooden dock buildings, or channels busy with barges.
I wanted to do an illustration series showing Yokohama as I see it in my head - a modern, lively city but with this nostalgic feel to it. Also there is nothing better than a story ending with a hot-pot party on a chilly day!
On to the next project! Stay tuned and check my website:
Technical stuff:
Lines - mitsu-bishi pencils from HB to 8B
Colours - Shmincke and Winsor and Newton watercolours
Paper - 300g/㎡ Holbein SAUNDERS cold press F4 size
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