This project started as something I did just for fun in my free time. Inspired by the animated Studio Ghibli movie "Whisper of the Heart" I did the first watercolour illustration which quickly spread through the Internet. Following this I decided to make a 10 piece series about the bicycling-it-hard-boy through his day as he fights to reach his goal.
Finally, because of the rarely shown in this way modern Japan, this series was featured on many Japan-themed portals and blogs as KOTAKU for example, and got to be published, along with an interview in a Studio Ghibli's book about the "Whisper of the Heart" movie.
Technical stuff:
● I used the same sketchbooks as Miyazaki used for his concept sketches
● Lines are 6B pencil
● Colours: Schmincke and Winsor&Newton watercolours
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