I was able to participate in the making of a TV anime series “Space Dandy”produced by studio Bones. As a member of the background team I painted about 25 views of the planet Machinia (also the planet explosion scene) which where used in about 40 cuts in episode 08 and in the ending of the series.
Below you can see some screenshots of my work in the “Adult-Swim” broadcast and English credits with the background art team.
今回、テレビアニメ 「スペース☆ダンディ」の08話に背景美術チームの一人として参加しました。マヒニア惑星の景色と爆発シーンの40カットに使われている背景を25枚ぐらい描きました。
All the screenshots copyrights are owned by studio Bones.
The English language credits for episode 08
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